Caixin Media Company Limited

Caixin Media Company Limited is a media group dedicated to providing financial and business news through periodicals, online content, mobile apps, conferences, books and TV/video programs. Caixin Media aims to blaze a trail that helps traditional media prosper in the new media age through integrated multimedia platforms.

Led by Hu Shuli, who is internationally recognized for her achievements in journalism, the editorial staff at Caixin Media is well-known for independent thinking and professional practices. They are insiders with a profound understanding of China's economic and social transition. They are sharp observers with a global vision. They are the torchbearers of professional journalism, known for providing high-quality, credible content.

Caixin's media portfolio

Caixin - China Economics & Finance

The Fiction, The Friction and the Facts on China

Caixin - China Economics & Finance is the top English-language magazine covering business and finance in China. Caixin magazine delivers intelligent news reports and editorial features by top local and international journalists and opinion leaders, offering key insights into the market and illuminating key issues in the country today. It is currently available via subscription worldwide. Digital versions are available for iPad, Amazon Kindle and Caixin desktop reader.

Caixin Online ( is Caixin's English-language online news portal. Caixin Online features frequently updated news and analysis, and offers a daily newsletter.

A Website with Original Financial and Business Content is a must-read for understanding China's financial and business world, with multimedia products that integrate news, opinion and analysis. It offers high-quality and original content 24/7 from an objective and professional perspective, and serves elite audiences in political, financial, business and academic circles.

Caixin Weekly

A Comprehensive Financial and Business Weekly

Caixin Weekly is a nationally distributed, comprehensive news weekly. As a leading national weekly catering to an elite crowd of political, financial, industrial and academic leaders, Caixin Weekly provides unbiased reporting and insightful, in-depth analysis on financial and business news and current affairs, and chronicles China's ongoing process of reform and opening up.

China Reform

Rebuild the Force of Thought in China

China Reform is a monthly magazine featuring in-depth political and economic analysis. It enjoys a high reputation among policymakers, business leaders and academics. Its content includes commentaries on important individuals and events shaping China's transition and recommendations for how policy makers can create a citizen-oriented public agenda that would move China forward.

Comparative Studies

Sharing Through Comparing

Comparative Studies aims to publish articles that will provide Chinese readers with the current thinking on major economic issues as well as the state-of-the-art analytical methods. In particular, it offers content that compares the experiences of developed, developing and transitional economies and that provides analysis of public issues. It is published bimonthly.

Caixin Conferences

Caixin produces high-level summits, roundtables and dialogues that bring together political, business and academic leaders from across China and around the world. Caixin aims to provide participants with a platform for the exchange of ideas, and offers audiences insightful discussions and cutting-edge views.The Caixin Summit: China and the World is Caixin Media's premier conference, and is considered the most authoritative annual event in China's economic and financial sector. Caixin has held overseas conferences in Washington D.C., New York, St. Petersburg, Sydney and Davos, among others.

Caixin Video/TV

Professional Business and Finance Reporting

Caixin Video/TV offers a range of professional video and TV programs from general news features to interviews and discussion with key figures in the business and financial world. Caixin works in partnership with several TV stations, providing programs accessible to audiences in mainland China and Hong Kong.

Think and Share is a social media platform developed specifically for idea-sharing that has attracted talented professionals across a variety of fields. This platform provides a forum for intelligent discourse about finance and the economy, as well as culture and current events, in order to help readers navigate our information-saturated world.

Mobile Apps

For news and information on the go, Caixin Media provides high-quality business and financial news and information services through mobile apps for the iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, and Amazon Kindle, among others.

Caixin International Fellowship

In the spirit of public engagement, Caixin has set up the Caixin Professional Fellowship, which promotes the transformation and development of Chinese journalism. It offers journalism training in areas such as law, finance and in-depth investigative reporting, as well as environment and sustainable development. It has organized a series of training programs that include Media Transformation and Leadership, Understanding Finance and Financial Reporting, New Media Training for Journalists of Western China, Her Perspective·Gender Equality Media Workshop and Excellent Journalist Fellowship.

Caixin Books

Caixin Books includes an array of publications, ranging from finance and business to social and cultural trends. An extension of Caixin's journalistic roots, publications released in the Caixin Books aim to promote social progress and further the mission of providing in-depth, accurate and insightful writing. They reflect on the major events and figures that colored China's past, influenced its present and look to impact its future. Current publications include Shuli's Observation, Double Dip, China and the World, The Invisible Thief, The Torchbvearers, among others.

Caixin Custom Publishing

Combining Caixin's considerable journalistic experience and comprehensive product development capacity, the Caixin Custom Publishing team provides high-quality publications tailor-made for each individual client.Caixin has successfully produced publications for China Construction Bank, Bank of Communications Schroder Fund Management Co., Ltd., Hwabao Trust Co.,Ltd., Huatai Securities Co., Ltd., and Ping An Trust & Investment Co., Ltd.

Caixin Learning

High-Quality Training Service Provider

Backed up with its vast and high-profile resources in political, economic, business and academic sectors, Caixin Learning is dedicated to providing high-quality, cutting-edge and specialized training programs to Chinese business leaders especially in financial and media industries. The training services cover the interpretation of political and economic policies, analysis on macroeconomic trends and hot topics, industry-specific financing issues and customized courses.

What does Caixin mean in English, and how is it pronounced?

Caixin is Mandarin for "financial news." The two-syllable word roughly rhymes with "sigh sheen" in English. A more accurate pronunciation can be rendered by making the Chinese sounds for the letter "c" -- sounds like the "ts" in "hats" -- and the letter "x" - an aspirant made with lips spread and the front of the tongue curled down against nearly closed teeth.